PayMore Stores will beat any current website mail in quote or trade in quote from an established retail chain. We pride ourselves in “PayingMore” for your electronics, and giving you fair market value, every time.

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How it Works
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What People are Saying:

“I was going to mail in my products, but luckily drove by a Paymore store, and they offered me 3 times what the website was offering, and I got my money today!” You Rock Paymore! Barbara C, NY

“I cleaned out my draw with all my old cell phones, who would of thought these flip phones were still worth money?!” Thanks Paymore! James T, NY

“When I broke my iPhone, I was about to throw it away until I heard of PayMore. They paid me over $100 for a non working phone, that’s crazy! I used the money to put towards a working one!! –Charlie, NY

“We upgraded our office, and had a ton of computers, monitors and a phone system. PayMore gave us a competitive price and took all the products out. Fast, easy and simple, Oh yea – and CASH! –Mary Anne, NY

“The guys at PayMore know there stuff. Someone on craigslist offered me $30 for my iPhone 3G. It turned out to be an iPhone 3GS after PayMore appraised it, I three times what I almost sold it for!! –Barry, NY

“I tried to sell my electronics on Craigslist, and received a lot of offers, but the worries of allowing a stranger into my home without my Husband home, and with the kids, I just went to PayMore instead to be safe. Really nice guys! – Bonny, NY